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Since the COVID-19 is around, we can't get into crowd anymore, so here it is! Office party simulator! You can now join your friends to drink water and waste time until the day finishes! You can professionally rave from the comfort of your house! Become the best DJ out there!




Use a gamepad for better controls. 

  • CTRL                 => jump
  • Arrow keys    => movements
  • Mouse              => rotations
  • ALT + F4          => Quit
  • Escape              => Exit focus 

Vocal Chat
Join the official discord server until I implement in game VC, all the update will be posted on the discord + the official public servers information / maintenance

Discord server : 

Join the discord server to get notified when party are happening!


Official public server:

sociopath.studio => version 0.0.6



The game is multiplayer so you can invite your friends to play with you.  You only need to open the port 7777 on your router configuration at home, then give your IP to your friend so they can join your game.

You don't need the server build to host a game, but if you want to make a dedicated server, you can get the server build. Currently there's now way to change the settings, all you have open the port 7777 and it will bind itself to the port, else you can use a web server like NGINX, if you paid for the server build and need support you can send me emails.

Report issues:

A channel is available on the discord server for the ongoing issues

The musics in the game are all free of right on sound cloud and produced by DJ SYNTRONIK. If you want me to include your songs, write me an email, if they are free of right, I will use them in the game!


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

Client 0.0.6 ( game ) 123 MB
Client 0.0.6 ( game ) 275 MB
Client 0.0.6 ( game ) 67 MB
Server 0.0.6 ( optional ) 125 MB
if you pay $5.99 USD or more
Server 0.0.6 ( optional ) 123 MB
if you pay $5.99 USD or more

Development log


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Beatfiul game indeed,but there is 1 thing that sets back the  erection enjoyment value.It's almost impossible to master the controls and explore everything properly.You can keep the ridiculous controls but at least make them controllable.And more locations would be great too.8/10

Awesome! Thanks for the review! And yeah I can probably tweak the controls, adding more location was already planned and it's coming! :) hahahaha join the discord server to get notified of the incoming raves!


I NEED to play this.Please make it available on windows,somehow.

Tonight I will be releasing the windows version with a public server so we can rave business party all together! ;)

IT'S NOW AVAILABLE MY DUDE! A public server is also coming!

Thank you.God will never forget your deeds.


thank you for making this game exist you are such a person for making this game how do i windows


I need to fix a few things first then I will install windows to make a windows build, sorry about that hahaha